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Product description

Product code: AD0454V1S

The Selena Pure Skirt is a beautifully flowing, long, and wide skirt that captivates with its elegance and comfort. It is the perfect choice for walks, theater performances, or concerts. The contrasting trim and delicate embroidery add subtle decoration to the skirt. Its flared cut, along with the elasticated waistband, visually narrows the figure and gives the skirt a touch of timeless elegance. Thanks to its diagonal cut, it beautifully swirls around the ankles, and if you prefer a shorter length, it can be easily adjusted. The wide waistband is further adorned with a thin tie belt, adding playfulness and detail to the skirt. The Selena Pure Skirt is a perfect summer accessory that will charm you with its uniqueness.


Detailed Description

The Selena Pure Skirt is an exceptional piece of clothing that brings not only elegance but also comfort. Its long, flowing cut reaches down to the ankles, giving it an airy and sophisticated feel. This skirt is a great companion for various occasions – whether you're planning a romantic walk, attending a theater performance, or going to a music concert.

The delicate contrasting trim is a subtle embellishment that enhances the skirt's beautiful cut. The matching color embroidery adds another layer of elegance and detail. The flared cut of the skirt moves gracefully with your steps, creating a unique visual effect. The elasticated waistband is not only stylish but also visually slims the waist, accentuating your figure.

The Selena Pure Skirt can be easily paired with various pieces from your wardrobe. You can wear it with a casual t-shirt for a relaxed and comfortable look or with an elegant blouse for a sophisticated appearance. The wide waistband with a thin tie belt adds a playful element, making it a fun and stylish choice. With a length of 105 cm, it is ideal for summer days when you want to be both comfortable and well-dressed. The elastic in the waistband ensures comfortable wear and adapts to your movements.

The Selena Pure Skirt is a fashion gem that combines comfort, elegance, and style into one piece. It is a great choice for any woman looking for a versatile and timeless addition to her wardrobe.

Technical specification

105 cm