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Product description

Product code: AD0112V1S

The Selena Marine Skirt in a nautical style brings comfort and an elegant look to your wardrobe. Thanks to the elastic knit, it retains its shape whether you opt for a casual or business style. This flared skirt is also a great choice for traveling, as it does not wrinkle and is easy to mix and match. The optical effect of the striped design gives the figure a slimming look, and the navy blue creates a fresh and timeless appearance.


Detailed Description

The Selena Marine Skirt brings both comfort and timeless style to your wardrobe. This flared skirt made from elastic knit perfectly adapts to your figure, and its cut helps maintain its elegant shape. The stripes on the skirt provide a visual effect that lengthens the silhouette and contributes to a slimming look. This model excellently combines comfort and taste, making it suitable not only for everyday occasions but also for special events.

The Selena Marine Skirt is inspired by nautical style, embodying classic and elegance. The dark blue color, also known as navy blue, creates a sophisticated contrast with white. This combination is typical of nautical style and brings freshness and charm of the sea environment to your outfit. The skirt's length is ideal for year-round wear – in summer, you can easily pair it with a t-shirt or blouse, while in cooler months, you can dress it up with a jacket.

The material, consisting of 90% viscose, 5% polyamide, and 5% elastane, ensures comfort and flexibility, making the skirt easy to wear and allowing freedom of movement. The excellent ability of the knit to retain its shape and resist wrinkling makes it an ideal companion for traveling. The elastic waistband ensures comfortable wear and a perfect fit. Overall, this skirt is a great addition for those seeking a combination of comfort, elegance, and timelessness in their wardrobe.

Technical specification

100 cm