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Skirt KAMI

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Product description

Product code: AD0371V1S

The Kami Skirt features a distinctive smocked waistband for adjustable placement and an asymmetrical cut with a gently gathered pocket, trimmed with decorative piping. It's a combination of sporty elegance and practicality, perfect for summer. Made from 100% linen, the fabric offers a cooling touch, wicks away heat, and is naturally antibacterial, making it an excellent choice for a comfortable summer outfit.


Detailed Description

The Kami Skirt from the "Summer in Linen" collection by Atelier Donát combines elegance with comfort. Its prominent smocked waistband allows for variable positioning of the skirt, from hips to waist. The well-fitted skirt with a narrower cut accentuates body lines. The asymmetrical element of the side panel with a gently gathered pocket adds a unique character to the skirt and is adorned with a decorative piped trim.

A key feature is the choice of material. The high-quality linen fabric, in line with the "Summer in Linen" theme, provides not only a cooling feel and excellent thermoregulation but is also resistant to wrinkling. Linen fibers are renowned for their ability to wick away heat and create a comfortable microclimate on the skin. The Kami Skirt is also suitable for sensitive skin due to its natural antibacterial properties.

The skirt has a timeless cut, suitable for various occasions. The length, which reaches mid-calf, creates an elegant silhouette. The distinctive smocked waistband is complemented by a delicate tie belt. The design of the Kami Skirt is inspired by nautical style, known for its exceptional elegance and timelessness.
The quality and care of Atelier Donát are clearly evident. The Kami Skirt not only appeals aesthetically but also ensures comfort during wear. It is an ideal choice for the summer months, allowing you to move freely while standing out in stylish and comfortable clothing.

Technical specification

95 cm