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Product description

Product code: AD0111V1S

The Ester Skirt is a short flared skirt with a high smocked waistband that can be adorned with side drawstrings. This skirt is a practical and stylish choice, excellently concealing the hips and made from breathable and comfortable material. The layered knit combines viscose with a velour leather-style print, giving the skirt an elegant look. Its short length and black color make it an ideal choice for everyday wear.


Detailed Description

The Ester Skirt offers a unique fashion experience. This short flared skirt is designed with a focus on comfort and style. The high smocked waistband not only adds an interesting detail but also allows you to adjust for optimal comfort. Practical drawstrings on the waistband provide the option to add a thin belt or tie it at the sides for a personal accent.

The skirt is made from a double-layered knit, with the bottom layer being viscose, ensuring breathability and comfort even during warmer days. The top layer of the skirt is printed with a velour pattern resembling leather and is made from PUR material. This combination of materials gives the skirt an elegant look with a touch of originality.

With a length of 52 cm, the Ester Skirt is ideal for summer days, whether you're going for a walk, to work, or meeting friends. The skirt features seamless fastening and lacks pockets, balancing its bold design. The striking black color makes it a versatile wardrobe piece that easily pairs with various outfits. The Ester Skirt from Atelier Donát is synonymous with comfort, style, and ease of living.

Technical specification

52 cm