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€ 1250
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Product description

Product code: AD0116V1S

The TUBA SHORT skirt combines comfort, practicality, and stylish design in one piece. With its slim fit, ribbed knit, and original spider web appliqué, it is the perfect choice for the winter season, keeping you warm while offering a unique and interesting look.


Detailed Description

This knit skirt is designed with your comfort and practicality in mind. Its slim fit and comfortable elastic waistband ensure a perfect fit and great sitting. The ribbed knit material is ideal for the winter season, providing warmth and maximum comfort during cold days.

A unique feature of this skirt is the spider web appliqué on the side, adding originality and an interesting appearance to the piece. With its detachable design, you have the option to wear it alone or pair it with leggings or skinny pants for various outfit styles.