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Product description

Product code: AD0369V1S

The Violeta Skirt is a standout piece in your wardrobe. Its generous cut, various pleats, and tucks create a unique look. The flowing material falls elegantly without adding bulk. The smocked waistband ensures comfortable wear. Available in basic colors: black and Marlboro red.


Detailed Description

The Violeta Skirt is an exceptional piece in the fashion world that should catch the eye of every fashion enthusiast. This skirt can rightly be called a wardrobe staple, offering a versatile style for various occasions. With a distinctive and generous cut and various pleats and tucks, the skirt adds an elegant yet playful look. Thanks to the high-quality, flowing material, it maintains a great draping effect without adding volume to the figure. For comfortable wear and a great fit, the skirt is equipped with an elastic waistband, providing flexibility.

The Violeta Skirt is available in basic colors, black and Marlboro red. Its versatile design allows for easy pairing with various accessories and tops, creating different fashion looks. Create a stylish outfit for summer days with this skirt, or pair it with a jacket and blouse for a professional business look. The skirt's material is a blend of 60% viscose and 40% polyester, ensuring comfortable wear and easy maintenance.

The Violeta Skirt is 105 cm long and has no closures, ensuring easy wear and comfortable fit. Without pockets, the skirt maintains a clean and seamless design, while the elastic waistband ensures it sits comfortably on the body. Choose the Violeta Skirt and add a unique piece to your wardrobe that will accompany you in various fashion situations.

Technical specification

105 cm